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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can I train only once per day?
Our studies have proven that regular training intervals are more beneficial to your overall brain performace increase.
Why can't I choose games I wish to play?
Each of our users has a personalized training schedule, ensuring most balanced development.
I missed a training. How bad is it?
Missing your training doesn't have any consequences. Remember, that training regularly helps you develop your skills faster and allows us to show you better statistics of your progress.
What is the free trial?
Free trial is a period during which you are free to use our service and see if you like it. After this period ends you don't need to do anything, your accout will automatically become a premium subscription
I'm on a free trial and want to cancel
You can use our service free of charge during the test period. If you wish to cancel your subscription simply go to "settings" tab located in your user menu in the upper right or write to our support and we will delete your account and subscription data.
What is the verification fee during free trial?
We charge your account a minimal sum to verify that your subscription data is correct. The exact amout is immediately returned. It may take up to 3 days, depending on your bank. Sorry for your inconvenience.
I missed the end of the trial and didn't use the service, what now?
Customer satisfaction is our priority, contact our support staff and we will gladly help you solve the problem.